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      Quick note...

      Just a quick (and rather amused) note to say Press Gazette has started up its own blog not unlike this one used to be, check it out here.

      Journalism Jobs - January 29

      On the Guardian, Architecture Today needs a publishing assistant. Automotive Engineers needs an assistant editor.

      A spanish restaurant review site needs an entry-level food writer, as advertised on Gumtree. And, lesbian mag G3 needs an assistant editor.

      The Careers Group has an advert from Profile Mag (new men's startup?) looking for freelance features writers. Pira are looking for an assistant editor, and Strategy Eye needs reporters.

      Over on, Revolution is looking for a digital/features editor (25-28k). THe British Gliding Association magazine need an editor, who could work from home, and Adfero needs home-based news writers (7/hour). E-Health website needs a deputy editor, while an Islington-based publisher Intelligent Media needs an assistant editor (17-21k). Channel 4's website needs a online reporter.

      On Source that Job, the institute for directors needs a sub.

      Haymarket have a few listings up. Third Sector need an editorial assistant, features editor and a reporter. Marketing Direct needs a senior reporter/web editor. The medical section also needs a subeditor.

      Jobs4Journalists have apparently redesigned. Not much on the real journo jobs tho there's lots of desktop publishing stuff. There's one for a freelance medical writer.

      Archant have a vacancy for a subeditor in Newham -- deadline is Feb 1.

      TimeOut needs freelance copy editors and a cheif subeditor.

      And on GorkanaPR, a finance mag needs editors/reporters, the Independent is offering an internship on its fashion desk, a cruise magazine needs freelance journos, Office Products International needs an editor.

      Journalism Jobs - January 25

      On the Guardian, Absolute Publishing needs a junior designer. Nature needs a journal editor. Something called Harris Hill is looking for a part-time assistant editor. BBC needs an adult skills editor... which just sounds dirty.

      A children's charity needs a website officer. Global Radio, home to Heart, need a web assistant.

      And this is a good one for trainee subs: Associated New Media are advertising their one-year, paid subbing scheme, which lets you work on the Mail (ugh) as well as the Standard and what not.

      The Guardian also has a billion ads from recruiters, but blind ads are boring, so I haven't bothered. That doesn't mean you shouldn't...

      Over on, Bang Media are looking for an entertainment reporter. Consumer Choices needs a junior editor (20k). Bayswater Media are looking for an editorial assistant.

      On Gumtree, SpoonFed are looking for specialist entertainment freelance writers.

      HtFP has one from Caters, looking for a features writer.

      On the Careers Group, Euromoney are offering their business traineeship. And if you're an ethnic minority, the FT has a summer internship for you.

      And, on GorkanaPR, Sugar Magazine is offering a fashion internship, ZD Net needs a news editor, Glamour needs a subeditor, and Public Finance needs a news reporter.

      Journalism Jobs - January 21

      ...who ever sticks to their new year's resolutions anyway?

      Right. On the Guardian, the Family Planning Association needs an editor/writer. The Royal College of Nursing is looking for subeditors. Something called EDA Publications needs an editorial assistant, while something called Love It! needs a deputy features editor. Business Hotline Publications need a junior business writer.

      The lovely people on PC PRO need a subeditor. PFJ have a billion up, including one for an online subeditor. Haymarket's Third Sector is looking for a reporter and a features/supps editor. Their medical division needs a subeditor, and Practical Motorhome needs a road test editor -- now that sounds fun...

      Over on, Adfero needs an online writer (17k). Pageant Media needs a subeditor.

      Way over on Gumtree, food mag Tandoori needs an intern and a medical publisher needs an editorial assistant.

      HtFP have an ad for a duty editor for Teletext.

      And over on GorkanaPR, the wicked-awesome folks at Record Collector need an intern, Dow Jones needs an oil reporter, Revolution needs a digital/features editor and MSN needs a weekend homepage editor. Cnet's new launch SmartPlanet needs a staff writer, while Psychologies needs a beauty intern. Wallpaper are offering a paid internship, starting tomorrow, so get on it.

      On SourceThatJob, Incisive's Mortgage Solutions needs an editor. Tech site The Register needs a reporter. Plaza Publishing's charity finance mag needs a reporter. And MyChild is offering internships.

      Journalism Jobs - January 2

      Welcome to the new year... my resolution is to keep posting. Your resolution should be to get a job, slacker.

      On the Guardian, recruiter PFJ are looking for a freelance subeditor for a finance title (14-17/hr). They also need an online music editor, for a retail website, and a content editor for a consumer health site.

      Over on, Bath-based Future are looking for an online editor, reviews editor and staff writer for their Windows Vista magazine. Recruiters PFJ are looking for a reporter (21-23k) with a year of experience. Incisive's Legal Week also needs a reporter.

      Still on that site, Emap's Health Services Journal needs a news reporter and a deputy news editor. New-to-London SNL Financial needs senior financial reporters.

      If by some weird coincidence you speak Dutch (in which case""), a music and games company is looking for a native Dutch speaker for an editorial assistant role -- that one via Gumtree. A startup Gay and Lesbian mag for London is looking for an editor. And the Not For Tourist guides are expanding to London and looking for writers.

      Over on GorkanaPR -- and remember, I can't link directly to these, so you might need to click around -- New Woman needs an acting deputy editor (opposed to one who does not take actions?), New Energy Finance needs a sub/writer and News of the World's Sunday mag needs a features writer. Online, MSN's green channel needs an editor. And Diva mag needs a picture editor/editorial assistant.

      Hold the Front Page has a billion, including these in London. Avenues Property needs a freelance news reporter, for two days a week. A Hounslow paper needs a chief reporter. The Ealing Gazette needs a senior reporter. And the Richmond and Twickenham Times series need senior and junior reporters.

      And on the Careers Group, Informa have advertised their Media Academy. Deadline for apps is February.